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Circus. Clowns. Цирк. Клоуны #5

Цирк. Прикол. Моего брата клоуны вытащили на манеж. Брат Лёша катается на велосипеде в цирке - Duration: 5:47.


A musical film based on the comedy of I. Ilf, E. Petrov "Under the Dome of the Circus". In the mid-1930s, an American Marion Dixon fled the US with a small black son. Knowing the facts of her ...

The Circus (1936) - IMDb

Directed by Grigoriy Aleksandrov, Isidor Simkov. With Lyubov Orlova, Evgeniya Melnikova, Vladimir Volodin, Sergey Stolyarov. US - Vaudeville dancer Marion Dixon is with her German manager von Kneischitz on tour - in Moskau. Her act includes a gun shooting her to the trapeze, the stage director there wants a copy of this act for the USSR. She ...

Royal Canadian Family Circus 2019 - Purchase Tickets Online

Royal Canadian family Circus. Tickets on sale February 2020! An all new show, jam packed with explosive live entertainment, featuring high-flying acrobatics, death-defying tricks, clowning and towering feats of strength, teetering towers of balanced bodies, extreme bending and devilishly precarious aerials.

Circus (1936 film) - Wikipedia

Circus (Russian: Цирк; translit. Tsirk) is a 1936 Soviet melodramatic comedy musical film. It was directed by Grigori Aleksandrov and Isidor Simkov at the Mosfilm studios.

circus - Wiktionary

A traveling company of performers that may include acrobats, clowns, trained animals, and other novelty acts, that gives shows usually in a circular tent. [from late 18th c.] The circus will be in town next week.· A round open space in a town or city where multiple streets meet. Oxford Circus in London is at the north end of Regent Street ...

Circus - definition of circus by The Free Dictionary

cir·cus (sûr′kəs) n. 1. a. A public entertainment consisting typically of a variety of performances by acrobats, clowns, and often trained animals. b. A traveling company that performs such entertainments. c. A circular arena, surrounded by tiers of seats and often covered by a tent, in which such shows are performed. 2. A roofless oval ...

Circus Circus Las Vegas - Circus Circus Hotel & Resort

Circus Circus provides a fun-filled, all-ages Las Vegas adventure at an affordable price.

Cirque du Soleil: Discover Shows, Tickets and Schedule ...

Cirque du Soleil Official Site: Find show and ticket info for our big top, arena and theatre circus shows worldwide!

The Circus (1928) - IMDb

THE CIRCUS (United Artists, 1928) written, produced, directed and starring Charlie Chaplin, is a well-documented gem about circus life, mixing comedy and sentiment in the best Chaplin tradition, ranking this one of his finer yet neglected achievements of the 1920s.